Relationships are what make life matter. 

At JH Outback, you’ll find space and time to build, strengthen, and restore the relationships that matter most to you. You might even find yourself on an everlasting adventure…

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A Weekend You Won’t Forget

At JH Outback (formerly Outback America), a weekend is more than just 48 hours. It’s two full days of refreshing reconnection with someone you love. The weekend is designed to be a distraction-free environment where you can explore your life purpose, develop a daily strategy for strengthening relationships and engage with your loved one on a deeper level. JH Outback weekend events take place in the great outdoors and include fun and creative activities, energizing and inspiring music, unique and powerful programming, and delicious meals. The perfect blend of a camping and resort setting is fun even if you’re not outdoorsy. Bring someone you love on an unforgettable weekend, and you’ll find an everlasting adventure.   

Past Attendee Reviews

“I learned something awesome there: that closeness with God inspires closeness with others. It was like receiving a key that unlocked my heart because being close and open had always been very hard for me. The key was growing closer to God first. The speakers gave us practical ideas for doing that. We even had team-oriented activities to illustrate our need for close relationships.”

—Paige B. of Huntsville

“Part of me was worried Outback America was going to be another Christianese-cheesy camp experience…I couldn’t have been more wrong! The weekend and the ministry of Outback America are incredibly powerful experiences that sow long-term seeds in your life for the Holy Spirit to work through.”

—Rachael J. of Huntsville

“I don’t know if it was a miracle, or we were just at the right place to receive that kind of information and that kind of love…I think it was watching others serve, watching others truly show God’s love [that] let us let down our guard and [showed us] how we can build and use that.”

—Adrianne D. of Huntsville

Read some real life stories of impact from a weekend with JH Outback Huntsville.

JH Outback: Healing In T-Town

JH Outback: Healing In T-Town

It could have been awkward or weird when May Merrill took Jill to Jayna’s Well on JH Outback’s property in Huntsville. After all, the well was built in memory of May Merrill’s late mother, and Jill is now married to May Merrill’s father. It could have been a...

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JH Outback: Impacting Lives One Relationship At A Time

JH Outback: Impacting Lives One Relationship At A Time

Outback America played a major role in restoring this family. Maybe your family could use some restoring as well. Paige’s Story “I had recently divorced and needed some time with my teenage daughter, so we decided to spend the weekend at Outback America,” said Paige...

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JH Outback: It’s For You

JH Outback: It’s For You

Last spring, my husband and I made our debut appearance at Outback America. We’ve had a good marriage. We’re pretty good communicators, and we are both dedicated to fighting for our marriage. There have been a lot of chances for growth and conflict resolution...

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Built to Transform

JH Outback’s weekend events are full of outdoor activities, great music, and the unique opportunity to engage with someone you love on a deeper level. The distraction-free environment allows you to relax and reconnect in a unique blend of outdoor activities and inspiring messages. During the weekend, you will develop a deeper understanding of your life purpose, values, priorities, and how they impact the most important relationships in your life. Weekend events are programmed for father/son, father/daughter, mother/son, mother/daughter, husband/wife and even step-parenting/step-children relationships. The minimum age for teenagers to participate is 13. JH Outback’s vision and hope is that through the weekend your relationships are powerfully transformed and continue in an everlasting adventure.

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September 24-26, 2021

569 County Road 516, Estillfork, AL 35745

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