What is JH Outback Huntsville?

JH Outback is an offshoot of JH Ranch. JH Ranch was founded in 1979 by Gene Johnston in the beautiful mountains of Northern California. It started as a high school leadership program that experienced great success and expanded into additional programs over the years for family members to attend together.

Based on the impact of the programs of JH Ranch on students and their families, Gene’s son Bruce, the director of JH Ranch, began to envision a time when the life changing experiences of JH Ranch could be delivered into cities across America and beyond. This vision is now JH Outback. 

Because of the dedication of men and women around the country and throughout the world, thousands of people and families are able to experience the impact of the JH Ranch programs in ways that only JH Outback can deliver.

The Weekend

The JH Outback Weekend Events were developed so that guests could experience a version of JH Ranch within their own city. All of our Events are characterized by fun outdoor activities, great food, music and the unique opportunity to invest time with someone in your family in an undistracted environment. During the weekend, you will develop a deeper understanding of Life Purpose, Personal Values, Spiritual Priorities as well as practical ways to strengthen family relationships.


The Outback America weekend was a game changer for me and my husband. He’s not exactly the “marriage retreat” kinda guy, so I was surprised when he eventually agreed to go. I was even more surprised that he agreed to go in the middle of his hunting season. I’m not exactly a “program” kinda girl either. I like real stories, real people and real solutions a whole lot more than the touchy, feely stuff. I have to say, Outback America exceeded our expectations. They had the right mix of just about everything. Even my husband really loved it. Before we went, we struggled with anger and communication. Since that time, I have felt a real peace come over our home. I’m not saying it wasn’t hard work, but that weekend was the catalyst for us. I wish I could tell you all about it, but that would ruin the surprise.
Rachael Jackson

Our Vision

TRANSFORM COMMUNITIES one family at a time.

Our Mission

TEACH and MODEL loving God and loving others through the challenges of practical application.

Our Values