Meet The Brown Family 

Huntsville native Paige Brown first came to Outback America as a recently divorced single mom. Paige and her teenage daughter attended their first ever mother/daughter trip with Outback America and immediately felt right at home. Oh, and they felt an exciting sense of adventure. Little did Paige know, this was the beginning of an everlasting adventure that would put her family back together.

Outback America—An Everlasting Adventure

Outback America is an exciting and distraction-free environment where you can build, strengthen, and restore the relationships you care about most. We work hard to create a unique space for you to unplug, reset, and reconnect. The great outdoors provides a refreshing backdrop for some of the best hours you will spend with your loved one. But it’s more than just a weekend away—it’s an everlasting adventure.

Outback America Events

Outback America weekend events are designed to give you what all our relationships need more of: time. The unforgettable 48-hours are filled with exciting activities, awesome music, and inspiring experiences all in a distraction-free environment. You’ll get the opportunity to explore your life purpose and strengthen your relationship as you engage on a deeper level. Our team of volunteers makes sure all the details of lodging, food, and programming are taken care of so you can enjoy time to reconnect with your loved one, whether it’s your spouse, son or daughter (13 years and up), mom or dad. The everlasting adventure you begin at Outback America could launch the most important journey of your life.

Outback America Resources

Outback America’s weekend events are unforgettable and life-changing, but it doesn’t have to end when you pack up and go home. Outback America’s men’s groups and women’s groups meet weekly and are available for you to stay engaged with your life purpose and continue deepening relationships with those you love. Outback University weekend events are designed for college students to take a break from the semester’s busyness to refresh their minds and recenter their lives. Outback International hosts weekend events and men’s and women’s groups in the U.S., Kenya, India, Ukraine, Poland, and New Zealand. Find an event nearest you and experience the everlasting adventure that awaits!