Last spring, my husband and I made our debut appearance at Outback America. We’ve had a good marriage. We’re pretty good communicators, and we are both dedicated to fighting for our marriage. There have been a lot of chances for growth and conflict resolution throughout our 7 years together, but we hadn’t really taken the opportunity to get ahead in our marriage. For some reason, it always felt like we were just keeping up.

You know how it is. You’re married and you have two kids (maybe more, maybe less). We both have full time jobs that leave us mentally fried most days. We are constantly on the go, checking off the next to-do item on our lists. All day long, we are slaves to our iPhones, Blackberry, iPads and computers. Then, we come home and squeeze in the “How was your day?” and family dinner. Baths, nighttime routines and house cleaning come next. Maybe throw a little homework into the mix for those of you with older kids.

Oh wait, I forgot about sports!! Soccer, t-ball, football… Oy, you name it; it’s a box to check.

Falling into our chairs in front of the TV after a long day, I’m most likely to be asleep within fifteen minutes. All of that just left us feeling like we were always running behind when it came to each other. Sometimes we felt like we were just missing out on LIFE together.

So, we were a little excited to get a weekend away. Honestly, I think we were a little worried as well. I mean, they take away your phones, so what would we do or talk about?

Part of me was also worried Outback America was going to be another Christianese-cheesy camp experience, that waste of time I mentioned above. (No offense. I’m just not a program type of girl.)

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I can’t tell you much about our Outback America experience, because the mystery is all a part of the experience. But I can tell you that it is not another cheesy Christian camp program. I can tell you, depending on where you are in your relationship, you may experience different results from the weekend. I can also tell you, no matter what, the weekend and the ministry of Outback America are incredibly powerful experiences that sow long-term seeds in your life for the Holy Spirit to work through.