Meet the People of JH Outback Huntsville

JH Outback: Healing In T-Town

It could have been awkward or weird when May Merrill took Jill to Jayna’s Well on JH Outback’s property in Huntsville. After all, the well was built in memory of May Merrill’s late mother, and Jill is now married to May Merrill’s father. It could have been a...

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JH Outback: It’s For You

Last spring, my husband and I made our debut appearance at Outback America. We’ve had a good marriage. We’re pretty good communicators, and we are both dedicated to fighting for our marriage. There have been a lot of chances for growth and conflict resolution...

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How Three Days Saved One Marriage

The divorce papers were filed. The two children were adjusting to a rotating schedule, going between mother and father. Hearts were broken, relationships were mangled, and the end of Adrianne and Harry Day’s marriage seemed inevitable. They had one more shot. A friend...

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